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Hi! I'm Tomohisa, a grade 9 student.

Why did you choose to join the NIC Summer School?

I joined this Summer School to experience a new style of learning through the Case method. I also wanted to make friends from many places around Japan.

How happy were you with the whole Summer School experience?

I am glad that I joined because there were so many interesting activities and visits during such a short time. I particularly liked Nagoya Aquarium.

What is your best memory of NIC Summer School?

My best memory was the fireworks that we did with all our classmates. I got to communicate with a lot of people.

Which activity required the most effort to work together as a team?

The presentation making during the UN SDGs workshop was the hardest part because we needed to manage the time wisely to keep our presentation between 3-4 minutes.

What do you think about the Case Method learning approach?

I think that the Case Method is a good way to learn because being given a concrete situation as a learning example allows us to solve a problem in an easier way. Although it was a new learning style for me, everyone, including the teachers, was very friendly so I was able to express myself easily which I appreciated.

Which skills do you think NIC Summer School 2021 has helped you to improve?

I think that I improved my problem-solving skills through the group works of the Case Method Challenge. Because a lot of classes were based on teamwork, we got the chance to talk a lot so I think I also got to improve my communication skills and English speaking skills as well.

What advice would you give to a student thinking about joining NIC Summer School?

I would tell them that if they want to enjoy the programme fully, they should not hesitate to express themselves, as communication is an important feature of NIC Summer School. This programme was very fun and it was a great experience for me to improve a lot of skills.