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【Report】NIC August Summer School

21 Students joined us for the August edition of the NIC Summer School! Under the title of “The Pathway to Achievement: Leadership, Collaboration & Life Skills,” NIC Summer School 2021 was geared towards a younger audience with a passion for learning and concern for the world and all of its citizens. Taking place from 19- 21 August, it was a great way to end the summer holidays and the 3-day programme went by very quickly.

The busy schedule included fun trips to the Nagoya Aquarium, the Nagoya Science Museum, classes and activities and opportunities to make new friends. Just like the July Summer School, the activities revolved around the UN SDGs workshop - students were asked to reflect and design the perfect SDGs school taking into account the challenges of sustainable development, including topics such as the environment, gender equality, ending poverty and ending hunger.

On the last day, the groups presented their project results. For a part of the students, it was their first time to present their thought and ideas in front of the public and NIC is proud to say that they did an incredible job in such a short time given!

We believe that most of all the students left with unforgettable memories, new skills, personal growth and, of course, many new friends.

Case Method Challenge

This teaching method, commonly used in the world's leading business schools, places the student at the centre of their own learning. It is this method, which is still not well-known in Japan and especially in high schools, that was presented to our participants, with the collaboration of Prof. Ray and Prof. Law of the NUCB Graduate School. The workshop put the students into the shoes of a young entrepreneur and introduced them to the basic concepts of doing business. This gave our students a firsthand glimpse of the teaching and learning approach of NUCB International College.

We would like to thank all the participants for their great motivation, cooperation and participation!