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【Report】NIC Summer School Day 4 - Classes and Engage Programmes

Day 4 of the NIC Summer School was well spent at the school campus. The students started off their day with classes taught by our math, geography, and art teachers: Quinn Velasco, Darron Gray, and Morgan Veness.

In the second session of the Our World project, the students worked on making a board game based on their assigned continent. In groups of five, they researched their continents’ countries and designed rules for their games. Students are very excited to have their parents play their games at the final exhibition on Sunday!

In the afternoon, students had their second Engage Programme session; they chose from either Japanese archery, football, table tennis, or tennis. Unfortunately not everyone got their first choice, but luckily it was sunny on both sessions!

In the most popular programme—Japanese Archery—the students had the chance to shoot using real bows and arrows, with the help of the NUCB kyudo club. It was a new experience for everyone, but some even managed to hit the target! Well done!