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【Report】Ice-Skating at Moricoro Park, and more classes!

During the NIC Summer School, students went to Morikoro Park to ice-skate! After 30 minutes of instruction, the students had two hours of free time to skate. Some students were glued to the hand railing at first, but after gaining some confidence from practice, they were able to lift their hands off the railings and skate. As you can see from the photos, we were also very happy to see the students posing for our camera!

The afternoon was spent in classrooms and in the dorm. Today’s classes included Theatre Sports taught by our history teacher, A.J. Edwards, and Case English by our English teacher, May Hoshide. In Theatre Sports, students expressed how the class was all about letting go of embarrassment and trusting their teammates. Some found it nerve racking to act in front of their peers, but in the end, they had a lot of fun. They seemed to have the most fun playing the airplane game, where they had to guide their blindfolded classmates through an obstacle course. In Case English, students polished their persuasion skills by persuading a company to lower their VR product prices. It was a valuable lesson for everyone to learn about virtual reality and its pros and cons.