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【Report】Case Business Management and the Reflection Journal

Today, students had a case business management class taught by Yin Goh. Students studied what a good employer-employee relationship is, and played the game “SPENT” to navigate poverty and homelessness in the United States. It was a new experience for mostly everybody, but they were very keen and eager to learn.

Moreover, the students are writing Reflection Journals at the end of each class to reflect on their classes—what went well, what didn’t go well, and what they would do differently in the future. In their journals, some students seem to feel that they wished they had more time or had contributed in class more. However, especially for classes like Our World where there were multiple sessions, the students seemed to be able to put those regrets into action by being more efficient with time or speaking-up more in class.

Team-work, time management, communication, and initiative skills are being acquired by many students in these past few days, and we are very proud! Keep it up!