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Boarding house support personnel

It takes more than just teachers to create a boarding school in which all students can live in a healthy and happy campus community. This article will help you learn about some of the key personnel responsible for student support and pastoral care within the residential environment.

The boarding house is headed by a house director, alternatively known as a housemaster or a supervisor. The house director oversees all aspects of communal living. More importantly, though, the house director makes important decisions with regard to house rules and student welfare. In addition, the house director provides students with other support and guidance as they need it.

Very often, though, students benefit from discussing things in a less structured manner, and this is where peer support becomes especially important. Usually, students from senior years act as mentors to provide junior students with friendly advice. With first-hand experience of the challenges of leaving home, senior students can play a key role in facilitating new or younger students to have a smooth transition into boarding life.

Finally, in a larger boarding house, a nurse is typically on site to look after any medical needs which may arise among students. Furthermore, there would be a chef, maintenance and security staff, etc. dedicated to making the boarding house a safe and pleasant place for all residents.