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Hints and Tips on Entrance Examinations《Questions revealed》

The high school entrance examination period has finally started. Boarding schools have traditionally been leaders in the education of their students, and the traditional Japanese system of entrance examinations has little significance in this respect. For example, at NUCB International College, applicants are selected on the basis of their middle school grades (GPA), essay writing, an online examination and an interview to understand their interests, attitudes, and enthusiasm, as well as their suitability for the school's learning style and a boarding school education.

Essay (submitted during the application phase)

  • Your motivation for applying to NIC and your leadership potential

Interview questions (for applicants) ≈15 minutes

  • What interests you in studying at NUCB International College?
  • How will studying at NIC help you to reach your future goals?
  • What are you most passionate about or interested in?

Interview questions (parents or guardians) ≈5 minutes

  • What kind of leadership role would you like to see you child do in the future?

We encourage all applicants to come well prepared for the interview.