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Boarding done right: appreciating the differences

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That a multicultural mindset is necessary in today’s globalised world is almost becoming a cliché. Obviously, at a time when geographical distances are constantly shortened by technological advancements, and national boundaries are blurred by the moment of people, the ability or inability to understand other cultures can make one gain or lose important life opportunities.

Yet, knowing cultural differences is one thing, understanding them is quite another. The best way to cultivate a deep appreciation of diversity is through first-hand experiences of foreign languages, cuisine, clothing, arts, so on and so forth. To get started at a young age, boarding in an international school is a clever option.

Studying abroad means a prolonged immersion in the host country’s culture and society. What’s more, studying and living with fellow international students from all over the world, one learns to appreciate different views, perspectives and ideas. Communication and collaboration in a multicultural manner becomes second nature. It is through this way that many young leaders realise their potential as global citizens.