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Shinichi Takeuchi

NUCB Supporting Faculty

Shinichi Takeuchi


Dr. Takeuchi received his Doctorate degree in Education from Hiroshima University. His area of expertise is case method teaching and his academic background includes educational philosophy, educational methodology, professional education history (history of higher education), educational management, organizational behavior, and management accounting, which enables him to approach the subject from both pedagogy and business administration. He has introduced case method education into organizations, and has authored numerous books, articles, and articles, as well as lectured on university faculty development.

Specialized Field

Case study methodology

Final Education

Ph.D., Hiroshima University

Main Research Papers

  • "Instructors’ understanding, practices, and issues regarding the use of the case method in higher education", Journal of Further and Higher Education, 202003
  • "A study on a principal who directed moral education practice by case method: Through extracting of the educational practice foundation formed inside the leader from the narrative", Bulletin of Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University. Kyoka kyoiku series., No.51, 201912
  • "Practices of Case Method for Moral Education and its Evaluation in the teacher education program", Kyouikugaku kenkyuu kiyou, Vol.64, 201903
  • "Principal qualifications, Assistant principal qualifications (8): How to see the competence of managers. Possibility of Case Method", Kyosyoku Kensyu, No.555, 201811
  • "Face "Case Method"", Mita-hyoron, No.1224, 201807
  • "Case Method and Philosophy of Education", Study in the Philosophy of Education, No.117, 201805
  • Reflection on Gaining Trust of Students with Careers: Between Academic Expertise and Intellectual Pursuit. English E-Journal of the Philosophy of Education. 2017, Vol.2.
  • Educational advocacy action to establish constructive relationships between students and faculty −Report on practice of supervised seminar at Department of Child Studies, Tokushima Bunri University−. Research Bulletin of Tokushima Bunri University. 2017, Vol.94.
  • Reflection on Gaining Trust of Students with Careers: Between Academic Expertise and Intellectual Pursuit. Studies in The Pholosophy of Education. 2017, Vol.115.
  • The Case Method: enhancing school leader skills, session 1-12. The Kyoshoku Kenshu. 2016-2017, No.524-535.
  • "Research of Keio-Born Takagi School and its Academic Traditions", Keio business forum, Vol.33 No.1, 201601