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Esmeraldo Ronnie Rey Zara

Esmeraldo Ronnie Rey Zara


Esmeraldo Ronnie Rey Zara earned his Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics specialising in Optimisation/Approximation at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He maintains an interest in research involving modelling, imaging science, and artificial intelligence. Before coming to NUCB International College, he taught Physics and Mathematics in the IB Diploma Programme and Information Technology in Japan, and also taught university-level mathematics at the University of the Philippines, Diliman for about ten years.
Having taught students with a variety of experiences, social backgrounds, and interests, he always believes that each student has the potential to exceed beyond their own aspirations. In addition, he is an advocate of the learner-centred style of teaching, empowering his students to choose the learning path that they want to pursue. He motivates and guides his students to pursue the path that interests them most.
In his free time, he has a variety of interests, ranging from computers, history and culture, to finance. A keen traveller, it is not unusual to find him in distinct locations around the world, or simply in a coffee shop, daydreaming and thinking of his next experiment or endeavour.

Research Interests

Mathematical Modeling, Optimization, Machine Learning

Final Education

M.Sc., University of the Philippines, Diliman