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Tetsuya Okada

Director of Teaching & Learning

Tetsuya Okada


Tetsuya Okada has obtained his Master’s degrees in Translation and Interpreting from Macquarie University and Conference Interpreting from Western Sydney University, and Ph.D. from Macquarie University, Australia. After working in the Japanese insurance industry, Dr. Okada moved to Sydney, Australia in 2006, and began his career in research and translation at Risk Frontiers, the natural hazards research centre at Macquarie University. He has investigated various disaster cases and scenarios in Australia and Japan.

In 2017 Dr. Okada completed his Ph.D. research into disaster recovery and community development in four case study areas in Australia and Japan to better understand the development and transition of local people’s lives through disaster recovery and "Machizukuri", a Japanese planning concept of community development. Dr. Okada has also published research papers in renowned international journals. Additionally, Dr. Okada has also taught, since 2014, translation and Japanese language, society, and culture at undergraduate and/or postgraduate levels at universities including the University of Sydney.

Research Interests

Human Geography, Disaster Recovery, Community Development

Final Education

Ph.D., Macquarie University