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Toshikazu Shiozawa

House Director

Toshikazu Shiozawa


Toshikazu Shiozawa graduated from the First Department of Literature, Waseda University, and obtained a license to teach Japanese. While at university, he was involved in mountaineering and coaching swimming, and also participated in the Society for the Study of Modern Literature, learning about education through literary research. Mr Shiozawa also volunteered to teach Japanese to those who had returned to Japan from China.

In 1992, he entered the master's program in Japanese language education in the Graduate School of Education at Waseda University. While teaching Japanese as a teacher at public high schools and private junior and senior high schools for more than 25 years, he planned and managed training programs for teachers as a researcher of the Japanese language at the Japan Institute for Private Education. Mr Shiozawa has also been involved in writing teaching manuals and supplementary materials.

In 2011, through a domestic exchange programme, he completed the United Graduate school of Professional Teacher Education at Kyoto University of Education. After working as a teacher at a boarding school, he became a housemaster in charge of the management of a boarding house. Mr Shiozawa continues to search for the ideal educational environment as the subject of his research, including fieldwork in educational practice.

Research Interests

Japanese Language Education

Final Education

M.A., Waseda University