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What can you expect from summer school?

Summer school is typically a one or two-week long program. The length usually depends on the activities and travel needs. The one week type program focuses on immersion language study; in other words, this means that you will use only English all day for every activity and even talking with other participants. The two-week program is the same as the one week program, except that students have more activities.

First of all, there are many benefits in terms of English proficiency. By being immersed in an English-speaking environment during summer school, you will naturally get used to English, and you will be able to speak English with confidence. Also, you will be able to learn English from teachers from English-speaking countries. The other participants will be around the same age as you, so that also makes learning easier and it will motivate you to learn and study English more.

The summer school will be fun because you can meet other students with unique experiences. Some students might have a mother or father from different countries. Other students have travelled to many places in the world and some of the students have lived in other countries because of their father or mother’s job. So, you can learn about different cultures, foods and get a truly international perspective.

Furthermore, the summer school offers intensive discussion and group work classes that are rarely held at school. Through discussions, debates, and presentations, students will be able to develop their ability to think independently and cooperate with others.

Finally, many summer schools are connected to international schools or even boarding schools. So, joining summer school can be a great chance to see if attending such a type of school will be enjoyable and beneficial for your future goals.