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One Programme - Dual Certificates

A unique internationally and domestically accredited program - one course, two certificates.

Students studying at NIC are able to graduate with two high school diplomas for matriculation to international and domestic Japanese universities. The school will be applying for an internationally accredited university matriculation programme early in 2021 and is aiming for full authorisation by 2023. Also, students commencing studies from the first year of the course in Year 10 are able to complete the requirements for the Japanese High School Diploma (Article1) concurrently with the international programme and graduate under the two systems, and all in English.

Educational Initiatives

Case Method

Case Method is a unique and highly effective teaching and learning tool in which actively engages students in group and teamwork discussions. Thus, case method places an emphasis on involving students actively in solving problems by studying examples of real problems that have occured or may possibly occur in society in the future.
For leadership education, case method has been proven as one of the most effective teaching and learning tools, especially in degree programs such as the MBA and BBA. Recently, though, junior and senior high schools have also begun to adopt case method due to the educational effectiveness of this approach.


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