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One of the most attractive features of NIC is that it is a fully-supervised and self-contained boarding school, located on the picturesque NUCB campus. The programme and boarding arrangements are specially designed for both international students and Japanese nationals that have lived overseas for extended periods, and students from domestic Japanese schools who have a suitable level of communicative and academic English proficiency are also welcome. Students are guided in their personal development and cultural transition by House Supervisors who are qualified live-in counsellors and supported by House Mentors who are trained multilingual mentor students specially selected from the Global Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate programme at NUCB. Students are very safe and secure on the campus, located in the outer suburbs of Nagoya, which allows for preventive health-related safety measures to be easily and effectively initiated should the circumstances require without any disruption to study and learning.

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International College is located approximately 40 minutes from downtown Nagoya, providing a calm and quiet environment that is very suitable for students to pursue their studies. Located nearby the campus are shopping malls, IKEA furniture store, restaurants and coming in 2021 will be the Ghibli Theme Park.

Sagamine-4-4, Komenoki-cho, Nisshin City, Aichi 470-0193
NUCB International College Dormitory