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Nisshin/Nagakute Campus

Join our Open Campus on Thursday, 23 September

NUCB International College will be holding a new Open Campus on Thursday, 23 August (national holiday). This is an opportunity for students to experience the case method teaching approach, as well as get a first insight into what life as a border in a multicultural college environment will be like at our campus.

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  • School Information Session

    We will show you the value and appeal of our boarding house, the International Baccalaureate education and the MBA case method.

  • Case Method Mock Lesson

    This is your chance to experience the case method teaching approach. We have selected a topic adapted to high school students so that everyone can immediately actively participate.

  • Global BBA Class Observation

    Join a "Global BBA" class to understand how the Case Method is implemented at NUCB - all in English.

  • Campus Tour

    During the tour, you will be able to see the teaching facilities which is currently under renovation, the student dormitories construction site and the showroom of a dormitory room.

  • Individual Consultation

    If you have any questions regarding our programme, boarding house, admission procedure, scholarships, and such, our staff will be glad to answer them during an individual consultation. Let's clear up any doubts you have before the enrollment!

Mock Lesson

”Case: Montserrat - The Sleeping Dragon 1996 "

Montserrat's volcanic eruption: What would you do if you were a volcanologist, politician, or an island resident?

NIC Geography teacher Darron Gray

You will learn about a case in which a volcanic eruption occurred on Montserrat, which is a volcanic island in the Caribbean. This eruption devastated the capital city of Plymouth and caused some casualties. Did the volcanologists and politicians make the right decision at this time? Also, if you were a resident of the island, how would you act? We will deepen our thinking about situational judgment and decision-making when faced with difficulties from a variety of perspectives.

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We look forward to your participation!

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Campus address:
4-4 Sagamine Komenoki-cho
Nisshin-shi,Aichi 470-0193 Japan
Distance from stations:
Kouen-nishi station: about 25 minutes on foot / 10 minutes by car
Akaike station: about 20 minutes by car
Komenoki station: about 15 minutes by car

Nagoya Station (about 1 hour)

  1. From Nagoya, take the Higashiyama Subway Line and get off at Fushimi.
  2. At Fushimi, transfer to the Tsurumai Line and get off at Komenoki (Meitetsu Toyota Line direct connection).
  3. From Komenoki, take the Meitetsu Bus and get off at NUCB Undergraduate School.

Central Japan International Airport (about 1 hour and 40 minutes)

  1. From Central Japan International Airport, take the Meitetsu Airport Line and get off at Kanayama.
  2. From Kanayama, transfer to the Meijo Subway Line and get off at Kamimaezu.
  3. At Kamimaezu, transfer to the Tsurumai Subway Line and get off at Komenoki(direct connection to the Meitetsu Toyota Line).
  4. Take the Meitetsu Bus from Komenoki and get off at NUCB Undergraduate School.

Using School Bus

It takes approximately 40-45 minutes from Nagoya city center to our Campus via train and bus. The easiest and most convenient way to access the campus is by the following route: Higashiyama Line to Fujigaoka Station. Exit the Higashiyama Line to take the Linimo Train to Koen Nishi station. From there, NUCB runs buses daily - a ride takes 5 minutes. Please check this schedule or contact admissions for futher information.

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