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【Report】One-day NIC experience

#Open Campus

On Saturday, we hosted the one-day NIC experience for 9 prospective students and their families. The day started off with an information session and a school building tour, followed by lunch provided by our wonderful kitchen staff and a tour of the International House.

In the afternoon, participants joined a Case Method class taught by our English teachers, Ms. May Hoshide and Ms. Tomoe Hirai, and an IB workshop taught by our business management teacher, Ms. Yin Goh. The one-day experience ended with a well-being programme focusing on gratitude, facilitated by one of our house supervisors, Ms. Pandita Suthamporn. Students were intrigued by the classes and workshops, and were seen actively engaging in the activities.

If you couldn't make it this time, click here to register for our Open Campus on July 31. We hope to see you there!