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【Report】6/24 NIC Family One-day Experience

#Open Campus

On Saturday, June 24th, NIC cordially invited our guest families to join us for a memorable day filled with interactions between our esteemed teachers and exceptional students.

The day commenced with a delightful morning tea held at the House Dining Hall, where guests had the opportunity to look through a selection of the business cases used as our teaching material. Our dedicated teachers provided kind support and insightful explanations regarding these cases.

Our guests were then taken on a guided tour of our School & Boarding facility. This visit allowed everyone to witness the stunning architecture of NIC and immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere of our buildings.

Following the tour, all students and participants gathered together at the dining hall for a lunch that fostered a warm, familial ambience.

Subsequently, the highly anticipated Case Method mock lesson took place, led by our Chemistry teacher, Mr Hanifi. Students and parents were offered an interactive class experience, immersing themselves in NIC's distinctive teaching style. The focus of the lesson revolved around the captivating chemical reaction between milk and food colouring.

Later on, the students were taken to an exclusive insight into the extracurricular life at NIC through two engaging workshops. The first workshop entailed an introduction to our Engage Programme, where our highly-motivated NIC students led a Karate class at the training centre, showcasing their leadership skills. This enjoyable session fostered a sense of camaraderie among all participants.

Finally, our House team led the second workshop, providing an introduction to our comprehensive well-being programme. This workshop focused on the theme of "Gratitude," allowing attendees to explore this important aspect of personal growth.

If you were unable to attend this event and wish to experience NIC firsthand, we highly recommend marking Sunday, July 30th on your calendar. Save your seat today for our July Open Campus event by following the link below.

We look forward to welcoming your family to NIC!