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【Report】4/22 Open Campus

#Open Campus

On Saturday, 22 April, NIC welcomed guests from all over Japan to the 2023 Spring edition of its Open Campus. Guests were greeted by our students - members of the Admission Councillor committee - with a morning tea, in a family-like atmosphere.

One important aspect of NIC's leadership education is the Harvard-style Case Method teaching style. Displayed at the venue were samples of the cases used in classes. Parents and young participants were introduced to the former by our motivated team of teachers who came in numbers to support the event.

Our guests were taken to a visit inside our School & Boarding facility, the "NUCB International House", guided by our team of students and teachers - a great opportunity for all to see the beautiful architecture of NIC and to experience the airy and relaxing atmosphere of its buildings.
The 365-degree glass walls of the International House offered a panoramic view of the beautiful blooming scenery of our campus, including our azalea bushes and wisteria falls.

The schedule also included a Case Method mock lesson led by our English B teacher, Ms Hirai.  This time, the case that was introduced to our young participants was: "How to Talk to a Bully" and dealt with an issue that many young people may have to deal with, may it be directly or indirectly. Being put in the place of our young protagonist, students were challenged in small groups to reflect on the definition of what makes a word or an attitude bully fall into the framework of bullying.

Guests also enjoyed taking lunch at our school cafeteria - a great way to share and exchange ideas in a convivial atmosphere.

Finally, younger participants were able to save their seats in our forthcoming Summer School during our Summer School registration session. If you have missed this event and would like to join our next Open Campus, Saturday, 27 May is a date worth marking in your agendas! Save your seat today for the May Open Campus at the link below.

We look forward to welcoming your family to NIC!