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NIC Scholarships

We have several scholarships available. These scholarships do not require an application form as all are determined by individual student circumstances and/or performance and awarded automatically upon identification.

Affiliation Scholarship

  • Eligibility : Students continuing from the affiliated middle school, NIHS
  • Conditions : Admission fee 50 % waver
  • Number : Unlimited

Academic Scholarship

  • Eligibility : Applicants receiving a 'high' evaluation via the application process and who parents' combined yearly income does not exceed 8,000,000 yen
  • Conditions : Tuition fee reduction (a) 30% (b) 60% (c) 90%. Scholarship is ongoing provided a minimum grade point average of 5 out of 7 is maintained.
  • Number : 5 students per year

Dormitory Scholarship

  • Eligibility : Students receiving the highest grade point average in school examinations
  • Conditions : Dormitory fee reduced by 30,000 yen per month for a continuous 6 - month period to the value of 180,000 yen.
  • Number : 2 students a semester

Sibling Discount

  • Eligibility : Whose siblings are already enrolled to NUCB International College
  • Conditions : 2nd Sibling - 5% / 3rd Sibling - 10% / 4th Sibling - 15%


How can I apply for the scholarship?

The scholarship application is not separate application. It is included in the administration procedure.

Does NIC provide any loans or grants?

No, NIC does not have a loan or grant program.

Can I have my application fee waived?

There is no application fee waver.