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Why NUCB International College?

Studying at NUCB International College (NIC) provides high school students from around the world with a unique opportunity  to  study in a progressive academic  programme with top class resources on the picturesque Nagoya University of Commerce and Business  campus in the suburbs  of Nagoya. Students will acquire highly developed thinking and personal skills which will allow them to have multiple career pathway options both in Japan and abroad. They will live and study in an international community with a  wealth of cultures, perspectives and experiences for them to draw from as they hone their qualities as leaders and team players with the capacity to shape the future global society.

⇨ Why Study in Japan?

Driven by our Educational Philosophy, outlined below, our ambition is for every student to reach her or his potential and make a contribution to society. In simple terms, we want students to be the best that they can be individually without fear of competition or failure. We endeavour to ensure that motivation comes from within so that it is constructive and enduring and not driven by competition or comparisons. The academic and pastoral support programmes and overall experience at NIC, put students on a path to lifelong achievement via the garnering of real skills and connections with quality teachers, professors and colleagues in a caring and collaborative environment.

The school is located in greater Nagoya, Japan's third most populous city and home to the country's greatest concentration of automobile, fine ceramics, aerospace, and other high-tech industries. It is known as the transportation hub of the country, making travel to other destinations fast and easy. Furthermore, the Chubu Centrair International Airport is easily accessible from the city center and functions as a convenient transit point for domestic flights and a key gateway to overseas.

Educational Philosophy

We believe…

in the capacity of all to develop and improve
in valuing and respecting all
in supporting and encouraging all those in our community
in the IB and Case Method approaches to learning
success comes from endeavour and innovative thinking

We collaborate...

to get the best results for all
by inclusive practices
by seeking diverse perspectives
to improve the global society and environment
to be effective leaders and team members

We achieve...

by trying new ideas and approaches
by utilising and acknowledging current research
by building identity and character
by developing people and learning skills
by performing to the best of our ability and reflecting upon our mistakes

Advantages of NIC

NUCB International College offers a variety of supportive systems and environment, such as student dormitories and scholarships, to enable students to work hard and enjoy a fulfilling campus life.