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Criteria for Selecting Universities Worldwide

Selecting a World-Renowned University Education

The International Baccalaureate Diploma opens the door to career opportunities all over the world, but as your options increase dramatically, the decision of which university to go to in the future becomes all the more difficult. Even a well-known university is not guaranteed to provide the most effective and proven education and research. Therefore, when providing career guidance in our school, we use the criteria of investigating the research achievements of universities around the world in student's desired career paths and fields of study. Research achievements refer to a variety of accomplishments including academic articles, lectures, awards, and conferences that showcase the true quality of education at these institutions. In addition, NIC prioritises introducing students to universities that offer internationally accredited degrees and does not provide career guidance to unaccredited institutions of higher education

The Natural Sciences

Elsevier, one of the world's largest academic publishers based in Amsterdam, Netherlands provides data on "research ability", which is emphasized in worldwide university rankings such as the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) and the QS World University Rankings.  Elsevier is characterized by an extremely large number of academic journals related to pharmaceuticals, biology, physics, and chemistry. If the field they want to study is part of the field of natural sciences, we recommend students start by searching around the world for universities that have a large influence in that area.

Social Sciences and Humanities

For students interested in the field of social sciences (eg/ economics, business management, law, politics, etc.) and humanities (eg/ history, philosophy, etc), NIC prioritises selecting universities that have reputable affiliated institutions of postgraduate studies. When thinking about their future careers, it is extremely important for students to consider the possibility of pursuing further education after their undergraduate studies, whether this be a master's or doctoral degree. Therefore, our school gives preferential guidance to universities that have high achievements in graduate school education and who offer guidance on how students can continue with their studies.

Universities That Accept IB Students

NIC provides maximum support for IB students as they consider their future paths, including individual career counseling, consultation sessions with partner universities, and many more career guidance activities. We recommend all IB students to check the links provided below for the IBO's list of countries and international universities that recognise the IB diploma and are popular destinations for IB students. Students can also view admission requirements such as IB scores and subject selections.