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NUCB International College Employment

Working at NIC

Thank you for your interest in working with us at NIC. Working at NIC represents both a challenge and a career advancement step. You will be working in a highly academic, international curriculum in a multi-cultural boarding school environment, housing up to 225 students across Years 10 to 12. The school will be located on the picturesque campus of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, about 45 minutes from central Nagoya.

Delivering an international programme and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we are due to officially open in September 2022 with staff to commence from April 2022 in preparation. With a great teaching and well-being support team behind them, we aim to ensure that all students reach their full potential, and develop a love for learning along the way. As an employee of NIC, you will be part of a highly collaborative team focused on student academic and individual development outcomes. The ongoing development of the team is also important to the culture and success of the school and so there will also be ample opportunities and support for staff in regards to professional learning.

Opportunities - Phase 1 Teaching Positions (Commencing from April 2022)

  • IB DP Japanese Language & Literature (License to teach at a Japanese HS required)
  • IB DP Physics
  • PE + Health  (License to teach at a Japanese HS required)

Opportunities - Phase 2 Teaching Positions (Commencing from July 2023)

  • IB DP English Language & Literature
  • IB DP Japanese Language Acquisition (JSL)  (License to teach at a Japanese HS required)
  • IB DP Mathematics x 2
  • IB DP Theatre
  1. Subject Teachers - Job Description
  2. Diploma Programme Coordinator - Job Description

Employment Application Form

Educational Philosophy

We believe…

  • in the capacity of all to develop and improve
  • in valuing and respecting all
  • in the IB and Case Method approaches to learning
  • success comes from endeavour

We innovate…

  • by trying new ideas and approaches
  • by seeking diverse perspectives
  • by utilising and acknowledging current research
  • to support and encourage all those in our community

We collaborate…

  • to get the best results for all
  • by inclusive practices
  • to improve the global society and environment
  • to be effective leaders and team members

We achieve…

  • by building identity and character
  • by developing people and learning skills
  • by maintaining a high motivation and effort
  • by performing to the best of our ability and learning from our mistakes

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