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The following guide will provide comprehensive information for parents and guarantors about the NUCB International College.

Admission Procedure

We offer a flexible admission procedure to make the whole process stress-free for prospective students. The entire admission process can be completed online at your convenience.

About NUCB International College

NUCB International College (NIC) will offer a world-class international curriculum integrating the case study methodology approach, as successfully used by our parent organisation, the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business in its top-rated Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Administration programmes, for developing innovative and global-minded leaders with a frontier spirit.
Students studying at NIC are able to graduate with two high school diplomas for matriculation to international and domestic Japanese universities.

Support Programme

Our Career Service provides an in-depth and individual support to all the students while encouraging their growth and potential. From their enrollment at our school and until their graduation with admission for undergraduate studies, students will receive a comprehensive career support that includes career counseling, workshops, self-analysis, etc. Even further beyond the graduation, our alumni network connects everyone in Japan and across the world.

Student Life at the NUCB International College

With our Well-Bring Programme, Recreational Programme, and individual counseling conducted by the House Supervisors are trained counsellors and are experienced in working with high school age students in academically challenging environments. We strive to offer a fulfilling student life with all the necessary support as it shapes and defines the 3-year period spent at our school.  Students are very safe and secure on the campus, located in the outer suburbs of Nagoya, which allows for preventive health-related safety measures to be easily and effectively initiated should the circumstances require without any disruption to study and learning.