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Tuition fees

Total expenditure

Upon successful application, an admission fee deposit of JPY 500,000 is required to secure a student's place, by the deadline as stipulated in the offer letter. The table below shows a breakdown of fees per year. The total cost of the 3-year high school programme approximates JPY 11,000,000. All fees listed here are provisional and pending approval of the prefectural regulator.

Please note that NIC reserves the right to revise fee levels each year based on factors including the inflation rate and government funding availability. This means fees payable may change after a student's first year of enrolment. Fees paid are non-refundable except in the case of a withdrawal, details of which can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

All fees are in Japanese Yen (¥).

Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Total
Admission ¥500,000 - - ¥500,000
Tuition ¥2,100,000 ¥2,100,000 ¥2,100,000 ¥6,300,000
Boarding  ¥1,400,000 ¥1,400,000 ¥1,400,000 ¥4,200,000
Total ¥4,000,000 ¥3,500,000 ¥3,500,000 ¥11,000,000
  1. The dormitory fee includes utilities and three meals a day. Please note that an additional charge applies for menus that cater for allergies and dietary restrictions (e.g. Halal, vegetarian, etc.).
  2. Uniforms, study materials, CAS, medical examinations, group insurance, student projects, and extracurricular activities will incur additional costs to be paid along with the tuition fee.
Tax Free Payment of Fees

Parents and grandparents can be eligible to provide tax-free inheritance financial gifts to their children and grandchildren, which can be applied to entrance fees and tuition. Please note that in order to qualify for a tax-free payment, the amount of the inheritance must not exceed 15,000,000 JPY. Due to the Japanese tax laws and regulations, this option is only possible for students who are Japanese nationals receiving an inheritance or financial gift from parents or grandparents who are also Japanese nationals. To find out if you are eligible, please contact your financial institution or tax accountant.

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