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Online Bridging Programme

  • For applicants graduating from Year 9, between December and March, NIC offers a variety of study options via the Online Bridging Programme (OBP) prior to the official commencement of the high school programme, to enable the most effective use of the gap time.
  • The OBP is designed to support the individual circumstances of applicants following their acceptance into the high school programme proper via the standard entrance examination process.
  • OBP courses run from the early April until the end of June. Each course includes 3 classes a day in the morning and afternoon and applicants may choose up to two courses to study a day according to the selections in the table below.
  • OBP courses will be run on a differentiated basis according to the needs of individual students. For example, advanced English students will study academic English and intermediate level English students will study communicative English on a more fundamental ESL basis.
  • The Japanese language OBP option will allow students coming from overseas to both adjust to the culture in a more expedient manner and also better prepare the student for that language option in the high school programme.
  • Entry into the OBP is restricted to the Year 10 entry point and those applicants graduating from Year 9 between December and March.
  • The OBP will be scheduled online between the hours of 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (Tokyo time). The precise class times will be determined to best reflect the circumstances of the enrolled members within the timeframe specified above. There will be a minimum one-hour break between morning and afternoon classes.

Applicant Type Year 9 Grad Application  Stage OBP Class Options      Time
Japanese visa or 
passport holders
December - 
Stage 1: Sep 1 – Dec 20
Stage 2: Jan 11 – Mar 20
English AM
Mathematics PM
Non-Japanese visa or 
passport holders

Stage 1: Sep 1 – Dec 20
Stage 2: Jan 11 – Apr 1
Japanese or English AM
Mathematics PM

Online Bridging Programme - Curriculum Information

English - Communication - CEFR B1 Level

English - Academic Writing - Native Level

Mathematics - Advanced Level

Mathematics - Low-Standard Level