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NUCB International College supports students in their future careers by helping students to identify their individual skills and ambitions and carefully assisting them to plan their personal career pathways as they progress in the programme.

Our Career Service provides an in-depth and individual support to all the students while encouraging their growth and potential. From their enrollment at our school and until their graduation with admission for undergraduate studies, students will receive a comprehensive career support that includes career counseling, workshops, self-analysis, etc. Even further beyond the graduation, our alumni network connects everyone in Japan and across the world.

Career Support System

NUCB International college has a dedicated Careers support system to guide students in determining their career pathway choices and future university applications. From the commencement of their studies in Year 10 (Pre-IB), students have regular one-to-one consultations with careers advisors who will discuss possible options for each student based on their career profile including; character, academic strengths, skill-sets and future job prospects according to the industry of their interest. NUCB International School also arranges domestic university visitations and presentations from universities from around the world to assist students in their decision-making. Of course, students also have the option of continuing into one of the excellent NUCB undergraduate programmes should they wish to remain in Nagoya for their careers.

  • Individual Support

    Personal and professional growth are essential to students' development throughout their studies and career. We strive to understand each and every student's needs from their commencement, and we carefully follow them throughout their studies.

  • Activities and Events

    The NUCB Career Service organizes various activities and events (i.e. seminars, workshops, info sessions, self-analysis, etc.) throughout the year that contributes to different aspects of students' development as well as to provide information about industries, companies and specific jobs.