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Media coverage

4 June 2023Asahi ShimbunBoarding high school in English: Operated by a local private university.
21 November 2022Mainichi ShinbunInternational boarding high schools open one after another to nurture international sensibilities and self-reliance(JP)
14 September 2022CBC TV Ooishi ga kiku (JP)First new high school in Aichi in 27 years: All classes in English [Chant!
5 April 2022Nikkei ShinbunPromoting change toward a global standard of education (JP)
24 March 2022Chubu Keizai Shinbun「NUCB International College」Approval of Establishment (JP)
24 March 2022Chunichi ShimbunApproval for the new NIC International College (JP)
23 March 2022The International School Times【Breaking News】NIC (Aichi) Ready for opening this September: International Boarding School (JP)
16 March 2022TCK WorkshopOpening Sept. 2022 Learn about NIC: The new Full-boarding IB International High School (JP)
4 February 2022EDUBAL【English DP School】What is the appeal of NIC? Interview with Chairman Kurimoto (JP)
16 September 2021ResemomHarvard-style Case Method & boarding system for world-standard IB education...The challenge of NIC: Opening in 2022 (JP)
3 August 2021International School TimesNUCB IC (International College) campus revealed! (JP)
12 May 2021Yomiuri ShimbunSummer Program for Junior High School Students
26 March 2021Living ShinbunRaising future leaders through MBA-style education in English
28 January 2021International School TimesIB Candidate School opening in 2022 (JP)
15 January 2021Kensetsu NewsNew Year’s special issue: Building projects in the Chubu Region (JP)
5 December 2020Chunichi ShimbunFull boarding international school in Nisshin: Due to open in 2022 (JP)
4 December 2020Kentsu NewsGroundbreaking Ceremony at NUCB International College: Kurimoto Educational Institute (JP)
4 December 2020NHKConstruction due to start for new boarding school in Nisshin (JP)
4 December 2020The NikkeiNew international school to be built in Nisshin: The first in 24 years within Aichi Prefecture (JP)
11 November 2020Kentsu NewsGroundbreaking ceremony for the Prefecture's first English-speaking boarding school (JP)

Media and press enquiries

If you are looking for further information about NUCB International College, please contact us using the details below and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Kindly note that prior approval is required for interviews, photo shoots and filming on campus. Only those pertinent to the educational aims of the school will be approved. Disclosure of the personal information of any student or member of staff is strictly prohibited.

Sagamine-4-4, Komenoki-cho, Nisshin City, Aichi 470-0193
NUCB International College