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Well-being Programme

The Well-being Programme is designed to proactively support students on their journey from Grade 10 to Grade 12. It revolves around a series of Saturday workshops, in-house activities and excursions, run by the Guidance and Well-being team to reflect their current situation, according to the school timeline, and assist them with such things as their transition to Japan, Nagoya and the school, social and self-management skills and examination preparation strategies etc.

Well-being Programme Activities

Workshops Outcomes
Theme: Well-being


Mindfulness can counteract against psychological stress such as academic stress, social anxiety, etc. as it is considered as a way to calm the mind and bring focus onto the present moment. Our workshop has introduced students to the practice of mindfulness so that they have a tool to cope with stressful situations which may arise in school life.

Key Areas of Life & Problem Tree

Students use this workshop to reflect on their experience being student/boarder at NIC and identify the things they've done in each area of life in these aspects: education, boarding, leisure/entertainment/hobbies, mental health, physical health, and relationships. Under these key areas of life, students made an evaluation of what went well and what they would need to improve on.


Empathy is a positive emotion in the PERMA framework developed by a well-renowned positive psychologist, Martin Seligman. Through the workshop, students explore what empathy looks likes and what it entails. The workshop also introduces how to respond to emotionally-charged situations with more understanding and sensitivity to the feelings of other people. Finally, students will also learn about the benefits of empathic responses in building healthy relationships with people in our social circle and how to support them.

Theme: Life skills

Co-Creating Solutions

In this workshop, students exchange advice and solutions for each individual after listening to their friend's troubles by writing them on a fruit and passing it to their friend to put in their basket. At the end of the activity, each of them will have a basketful of solutions given by their friends. Based on the areas of life students are struggling with the previous workshop, we divided students into each area in which they presented solutions to their friends on how to improve on the respective areas of life.


Time Management is one of the most crucial executive functioning skills for individuals, however, the ability to master time management requires discipline, practice, and consistency. Starting it from an earlier point in life is advantageous. Time managing skills include how to estimate how long tasks will take, prioritizing, dividing time between tasks, pacing yourself, using time wisely, and meeting deadlines which were introduced in the workshop.

Theme: Leadership


In this workshop, students explored "admiration" as a social emotion and how to utilize it in a constructive way for personal growth and development. Students did a research about a person and the traits they admire about him/her. They also created an action plan on how to incorporate or emulate the desirable traits/qualities of the said person in their daily life.

Theme: Study Skills

Exam Preparation

Students analyzed their study methods, discussed and shared various tips and tricks for preparing for an exam.
The goal of the workshop was for students to become more aware of their own study habits, and for them to learn how to identify what works and what doesn't so that they can construct a method that works efficiently.

In-house Evening Activities

Activities Outcomes
Theme: Exchange
  • Culture Language Exchange
  • Game Night
  • Movie Night
  • Seasonal Party
  • Sports Night

Many students look forward to the "In-House Activities" held every Saturday night, where students and mentors work together to plan a variety of student-centered events. At Cultural Exchange Nights, students from other countries introduce their own countries, and students learn about the culture, food, and language of other countries, fostering an international-mindedness.
Game Night is an opportunity for students to interact with each other and help with teamwork and team building by simulating American TV shows, playing ping pong, board games, and other activities.
Movie Night is also a great way for students to watch foreign films and learn about the culture as well as refresh themselves over the weekend.

Well-Being Programme activities reports

Engage Programme

The Engage Programme is designed to provide students with a variety of relaxation options after classes and prior to the evening meal. This promotes a balanced approach to student life at NIC and allows students to explore and experience different physical, creative and sedentary pursuits over the course of the week. It also provides them with leadership opportunities and assists in building friendships and collaboration skills with other students of different year levels. All participants are encouraged to participate on the basis of complete equality and privileges and authority based on seniority are strongly discouraged.

Engage Programme Options

Sports Sedentary
Football Photography
Basketball Kanji Calligraphy
Tennis Manga
Golf Creative writing
Karate Leadership
Badminton Meditation
Volleyball Public Speaking
Table tennis Yoga
Baseball Band
Running Chess
Fitness / Aerobics Ikebana
Weight training
Touch rugby

* All above-mentioned Well-Being Programme and Engage Programme activities are some examples of the activities offered and may be subject to change.


The Counselling service is open to students on weekday evenings and on Saturdays. All dormitory House Supervisors are trained counsellors and are experienced in working with high school age students in academically challenging environments. Students may come in to discuss a personal issue, seek advice about relationships or personal development or just to have a chat in a friendly and caring environment.