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Well-being Programme

The Well-being Programme is designed to proactively support students on their journey from Year 10 to Year 12. It revolves around a series of Saturday workshops run by the Guidance and Well-being team to reflect their current situation, according to the school timeline, and assist them with such things as their transition to Japan, Nagoya and the school, social and self- management skills and examination preparation strategies etc.

Well-being Programme Schedule

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Engage Programme

The Engage Programme is designed to provide students with relaxation options after classes and prior to the evening meal. This promotes a balanced approach to student life at NIC and and allows students to explore different physical, creative and sedentary pursuits, provides them with leadership opportunities and assists in building friendships with other students of different year levels. Daily recreational options are rotated by the Student Guidance and Well-being team to emphasise variety in the programme and may include such things as archery, table tennis, Japanese calligraphy, soccer, basketball, manga art, movie making, meditation, leadership fundamentals etc.

Engage Programme Schedule

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The Counselling service is open to students on weekday evenings and on Saturdays. All dormitory House Supervisors are trained counsellors and are experienced in working with high school age students in academically challenging environments. Students may come in to discuss a personal issue, seek advice about relationships or personal development or just to have a chat in a friendly and caring environment.


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