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【Report】6/4 Open Campus

#Open Campus

The early summer edition of NIC Open Campus took place on Saturday, 4 June.

The introduction to the School was delivered by Chairman Kurimoto himself, who took great care to ensure that our guests were given comprehensive and accurate information about our Programme and the education system in Japan and more importantly, internationally.
Guests were able to enjoy a campus tour of our School Building and Boarding facilities, where volunteer students from the Bridging Programme introduced the facilities with great enthusiasm.

This time it was our History teacher, Mr Edwards who led the Case Method mock lesson where a new case was introduced to our young participants: "Aunt Martha's biography". Students read about a young girl, Alice who was asked to write a biography about her favourite Aunt, Martha to celebrate her as she turned 85. However, everyone in the family is not happy with the biography that Alice has created for Martha.
Students discussed in groups why family members did not agree with Alice's biography and what they would have written if they were Alice. Through this lesson experience, students were questioned on the creation of history and historical bias.

To conclude the schedule, our guests were invited to enjoy a time of sharing with our staff and teachers during a meal at the International House. The lunch which was on the theme of India and included curry and nan bread was carefully catered by our chef on the spot.

Thank you very much again for your participation in this event. For those who were not able to attend this time, our next Open Campus will take place on Sunday, 31 July. If you would like to come and visit us, we also accept individual school tours upon request. We accept registrations here.