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【Report】2/11 Open Campus

#Open Campus

On Friday, 11 February, NIC held the first Open Campus of 2022. The nice weather allows our guests to enjoy the vast, nature-rich campus, in which we take pride.  

The programme included an introduction of the School and its philosophy, the Harvard Case Method teaching style and the academic programme that will be on offer. Following this was a campus tour which included a visit to the Boarding House and School building construction site. Our guests also enjoyed later a mock lesson using the Case Method.

The  Boarding House is designed with 365-degree glass walls, allowing for a panoramic view of the Nisshin/Nagakute campus, and the beautiful scenery where each of the four seasons in Japan can be enjoyed. The Boarding House's courtyard will include an outdoor theatre space of about 1,600 square meters, where students will be able to hold presentations and events.

The classrooms in the NIC building are classically designed, but with a blend of technology, including a large projection screen that comes down electrically from the ceiling. The desks are arranged in such a way that each student can actively participate in the class discussions.

The Campus tour was followed by Case Method mock lesson, taught by our geography teacher and IB DP coordinator, Mr Daron Gray. The case related an actual volcanic eruption that occurred on Montserrat, a volcanic island in the Caribbean Sea, in 1996. Participants were put in the shoes of a volcanologist who was asked to take a decision according to which the lives of many residents of the island would depend. The students were able to learn knowledge, thinking skills, and critical thinking in a positive and fun way by putting themselves in various positions and thinking about how they would have judged the situation and made decisions.

The event included also a time for individual consultations. This was a great opportunity for our guests to meet directly our admission team and teacher, and to receive personalized counselling about our programme and admissions.

Thank you very much again for your participation in this event. For those who were not able to attend this time, please check the NIC website for more information about Open Campus and Online Information sessions. If you would like to come and visit us, we also accept individual school tours upon request, so please feel free to register here.