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【Report】11/03 Open Campus

#Open Campus

On Friday November 3rd, NIC held its last Open Campus of 2023. We welcomed guests from all over Japan, as well as international guests from Korea, Hong Kong and Russia. After a relaxing morning tea and a welcome speech from our Principal, the event was underway. Groups were split into Japanese-speaking groups and English-speaking groups to ensure that every guest was getting the information they needed and the opportunity to communicate in their preferred language during individual consultations.

Our guests enjoyed a tour of both the school building and International House dormitory, accompanied by teachers, house supervisors and administration staff. It was a great opportunity for them to experience the architecture of NIC, the beautiful nature surrounding our campus and to observe lessons and see how students spend their daily life.

Our popular Case Method mock lesson returned, this time led by our History teacher Mr Broome. The case we introduced to our participants was "Aunt Martha's Biography" which dealt with the issue of historical biases and differing opinions between people. Students put themselves in the shoes of our protagonist to debate the importance of personal beliefs in history and shared their ideas in small groups to gain new perspectives.

Guests also enjoyed lunch at our school cafeteria and got the chance to talk with one another and interact with our students and asked any questions they had about school life and more.

Our upcoming events include the NIC Open-Class on November 23rd where you can come and observe real lessons being held at NIC and see the case method style of teaching for yourself, as well as our NIC Family One-Day Experience on December 9th where you can feel like a member of the NIC family, meet our students and enjoy the wide variety of programmes we have prepared including sports activities and games.

We look forward to welcoming your family to NIC!