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【Report】8/22 Open Campus

#Open Campus

On Sunday, August 22, we held our third Open Campus of the year. As always, we took all possible health measures and were able to hold the event safely despite the renewed concern over the pandemic situation in Japan.
We try to make every Open Campus unique and different and so during this Open Campus, for the first time, we could give a tour inside the NIC dormitory, which is still under construction. The participants could see the interior framework of the building and by seeing large placard images of the completed design, everyone could imagine the splendour of this building when it opens in September 2022.

  • Our guest heading to the construction site

  • View from inside the building

  • There will be a cafeteria down the hall

  • On the other side, there will be a study room

During the mock lesson, Mr Gray, our geography teacher and IBDP Coordinator, demonstrated a case study on "Montserrat - The Sleeping Dragon 1996" (the volcanic eruption on the Caribbean island of Montserrat). From the perspective of a volcanologist, who was in the area at the time of the eruption conducting research and making recommendations to politicians, the class considered various options for such a dangerous situation. For example, one of the discussions questions asked the decision made at the best time possible.

At the end of the session, our Admissions Team introduced the schedule of our upcoming events and tips for students who are planning to apply to NIC.

There are only two open campuses left this year. The next open campus is scheduled for Thursday, September 23 (a national holiday). So, if you could not join us in August, then please join us next time!