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【Report】9/11 Tokyo English Information session & Case Method Mock Lesson


Building on the success and popularity of holding NIC Information Sessions at our Tokyo office, we held a second session on Saturday, September 11, which was attended by both students and parents interested in enrolling in NIC. The session began with a short presentation by the NIC Admissions Director, which was followed by a Q&A period. Our staff fielded great questions about a variety of interests related to NIC ranging from the Bridging Programme and study abroad to NIC facilities and boarding life.

After a short recess, the participants were treated to a Case Method mock lesson, which was taught by a member of the NIC faculty. The case used for this lesson focused on a real-world event in which several groups of Himalayan mountain climbers faced life and death ethical issues at an altitude of 5,000 meters in 1983. The participants analyzed the psychology and decision-making processes of the characters and thought deeply about the essence of decision-making, teamwork, and leadership in the real world.

The Case Method is a teaching and learning approach that was first introduced by Harvard University more than a century ago. It is a practical class method that uses real-life events as the subject matter to foster the ability to think, act, and take leadership in order to solve problems in the real world. Our school has introduced the case method into all of our classes to nurture future leaders.