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The 71st Sagamine Festival

Over the weekend, the 71st annual Sagamine Festival was held at NUCB’s Nisshin Campus. This school festival is held in collaboration with our affiliated university and high school, NUCB Undergraduate School and NIHS. The day started with an inspiring speech from Chancellor Hiroyuki Kurimoto, after which students got to enjoy a celebration buffet at the Active Learning Centre with teachers and staff.

NIC students made great contributions to this year’s festival. Our Grade 10 students set up a fun and interactive SDG exhibition with 8 different unique activities for guests to enjoy. It was a great way for students to demonstrate their creativity while also teaching others about what they have learned during their studies.

At the same time, Grade 11 students showed their entrepreneurial side by setting up a stall selling amazake and ice cream sandwiches. They were in charge of every step of the process including procuring materials, creating fliers, determining pricing points and organising a shift schedule to run the stall on the day.

To end off the day, our students held the first ever NIC concert. With 3 group performances and 2 solo performances, it was quite the showcase of talent. Every member of the NIC family came along to support the performers and it was a great conclusion to this year’s Sagamine Festival.

All our teachers and staff were impressed with the student’s engagement throughout the process and are already looking forward to next year!

NIC regularly holds the Well-being Programme on Saturdays which includes a weekly workshop on self-improvement as well as biweekly excursions. This is an opportunity for students to gain a sense of camaraderie and develop their communication and leadership skills.