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Is boarding school the right choice for my future?

Although there are boarding schools for younger students, it is often recommended that the ideal age for going to boarding school is for high school students. It is because high school students are at an age when they are well-balanced both physically and mentally in order to live in a dormitory without feeling homesick.

More importantly, high school students tend to be more focused on making their dreams a reality, such as plans for entering universities or vocational schools. During this period, they are easily influenced by various things and are in the process of undergoing major changes and growth. What kind of adult they grow up to depends on their experiences, what kind of education they receive, and what kind of life they lead.

In addition, in order for dormitory life to be smooth and fulfilling, students need to have some basic life skills and a foundation of basic academic skills and learning. If you are a high school student, you are probably old enough to do the bare minimum of household chores and personal care that dormitory life requires, such as cleaning, washing, and organizing. They also need to have the motivation to study, study habits, and their own study methods to be able to learn independently.

Furthermore, going to university is one of the biggest events in life. In order to set and achieve your goals without compromise, you need an environment where you can concentrate on your daily studies and studying for exams. It is also important during this period not only to study, but also to engage in various volunteer activities, arts, and sports to enrich your well-being and improve your inner self. In a boarding school, students have plenty of time to spend on their studies and other activities. In this sense, dormitory life is perfect for high school students.