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What does it take to be a good business student?

More and more students are choosing to study business-related subjects at university. Besides business management and administration, subjects such as accounting and finance, marketing, and supply chain management are also popular due to excellent employment prospects. The nature of these subjects makes it necessary that students possess a wide range of skills. If one of them is your aspiration, it is important to choose the right high school education that will prepare you well.

Many high school students tend to think in terms of a division between sciences and humanities when choosing their elective subjects, but skills acquired from both areas are crucial for succeeding in business studies. In the numerical aspects, including bookkeeping and investment management, students have to complete complex calculations and data analyses. Other aspects of business are highly literate, involving presentations, negotiations, and report-writing. Designing promotional strategies and events require a lot of creativity.

Business students must also be able to handle a combination of theory and practice. For example, business psychology conceptualises consumer behaviour patterns in abstract ways. At the same time, students learn practical skills through case studies and simulations to deal with real-world scenarios. Many business schools even encourage students to accumulate work experience through internships.

Finally, a global vision is indispensable. Under globalisation, national economies are increasingly interconnected with one another. There is hardly a university which does not teach business subjects in an international context. Therefore, students must be capable of understanding different cultural perspectives, and collaborating with those from different parts of the world.