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Summer programme choices for young learners

As the end of the year approaches, many students would be thinking ahead about their plans next year. Enrolling on a summer programme is a way to fruitfully utilise the long vacation, and enhance one’s competitiveness for the future. There are a large number of institutions offering a variety of programmes, and it is important to choose one with the right focus.

Summer camps usually refer to the more athletic kind of programmes. Apart from the mainstream sports and ball games, most of them feature outdoor adventures such as hiking, rock climbing and sailing. As such, camps are typically organised at locations with easy access to the natural environment. In addition to having a good time and keeping fit, the benefits include cultivating leadership and teamwork.

Academically oriented summer schools, on the other hand, can be further divided into two categories. One focuses on language acquisition, and is designed for students studying a second language to boost their proficiency intensively. The culture and history of the country where that language is spoken are also taught. It is common for students to travel abroad for this type of programmes in order to gain a full immersive experience.

The other type of academic summer schools focuses not on a language but on a field of study. Popular among secondary school students are subject-specific programmes in science, art, business and etc.; many have an emphasis on preparing for university. It is also possible to focus on a particular skill area, for example critical reasoning, design thinking or the Case Method.