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“Management” skills acquired at a boarding school

In a boarding school, you can develop various skills not only in school life but also in real life away from your parents. The motivation and quality of effort will be greatly enhanced. This can be said “The magic of the boarding school”. In this article, I would like to introduce the "Management” skills that can be acquired through boarding school life.

Personal Management
The main principle is to take care of yourself. You are also responsible for your personal belongings. From grooming to preparing study materials, there is no one to do it for you. It is up to you to coordinate your own lifestyle

Hygiene and Health Management
Activities related to hygiene and health, such as washing clothes, changing bed sheets, and cleaning the room, are important life skills that can last a lifetime. You will realise the importance of keeping the living space tidy and clean in the community.

Time Management
In dormitory life, there is a set schedule for the day, including wake-up time, meals, and lights out time, etc. Within this framework, you must make effective use of time. You will get into the habit of thinking about when, where, and what to do, and you will naturally learn to manage your time in a way that suits you.

Emotions and Stress Management
Living together with others who have different values and lifestyles, you will notice various things every day. There will be times when you feel anger, anxiety, or stress. Learning to be tolerant will help you grow mentally and spiritually.  As you deal with various events and emotions, you will learn how to control your emotions and cope with stress.