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English Proficiency & Admissions to NIC

If you are considering applying to NIC for the September 2023 point of entry, the following change in the application must be great news.

As our school operates on an international academic calendar, there is approximately one year of preparation time between the examination and enrolment in September. Successful applicants are offered the Bridging Programme, from April to June to make the most of this time and improve their language skills. This programme not only refines language skills but also ensures a smooth transition to boarding education.

Recognising that many of our students improved their language skills significantly from the time of application to enrolment and that they were able to participate smoothly in the college programme classes, we have decided to make the submission of language proficiency scores optional for the 2023 entrance examination.

Non-native English speakers are still recommended to have, at the time of enrolment, a minimum language proficiency level according to their entry point as indicated in the internationally recognized standardised tests table below (updated); Nevertheless, to ensure that language proficiency at the time of application does not applicants back, the submission of a language proficiency score becomes optional. It is now possible to apply without waiting for the results of the various examinations, so we encourage everyone to give it a go.

Bridging Programme Year 10
Cambridge English
IELTS 4.0-5.0 5.5
TOEFL iBT 42-71 72
EIKEN 2 Pre-1
Duolingo English Test 70-85 90