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International boarding schools to raise the leaders of tomorrow

International boarding schools may the best place to raise the leaders of tomorrow.

Choosing an international boarding school for the education of your child reveals two undeniable and unique advantages for the building of their leadership skills: first, it offers a multicultural learning environment and, secondly, that this learning environment is continuous -  not restricted to the classroom, students also follow their learning at the boarding house.

A boarding school is offering a learning environment that is not restricted to the classroom.

If you are reading this article, you might agree with the statement above. Indeed, a child actually learns as much - if not more - from the experiences outside the classroom. As a matter of fact, the reason why extra-curricular club & association commitments or volunteering projects will be given particular attention by recruiters, later on, is based on the same idea that a young person’s soft skills are a determining factor in their ability to become a good leader.  

At an international boarding school, students share a place to study, but above all, they share a place to live.

This unique feature that cannot be found at a day school,  allows them to gain different perspectives from which they will grow richer. Indeed, they will learn to share their daily life with classmates that may have a culture extremely different from their own. But that’s the point. As the French poet Paul Valery once said “Let us enrich ourselves with our mutual differences.” As such,  students will be able to develop in-depth social skills such as cultural awareness, effective communication, empathy, or active listening to quote a few.

The introduction of new technologies inside the classroom has been reforming the education system at a pace that has probably never been witnessed before, shifting slowly to a student-centred class system where the self-development of younger students receive the most attention. So, a boarding school education embraces this shift because it offers the possibility for its pupils to learn self-management, social skills and self-development skills on the boarding house ground.

The skills cited ahead are without any doubt required leadership skills to make a great leader of tomorrow. Thus, choosing a full-time international boarding school for your child, by developing their leadership more than at a day school or a hybrid school, will be of great help to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.