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What can parents do to make transition to boarding easier?

After careful consideration, you have come to the decision that the time is right to send your child to a boarding school. Soon enough, your loved one will learn to develop independence far away from home. Provided that it might be the first time for your child to live in a social environment other than family, you may wonder if adaptation will be smooth.

To quote Alexander Graham Bell, “before anything else, preparation is the key to success”. There is much parents can do in readiness for their child's successful boarding life. Below are some selected recommendations.

Be ready yourself

Separation from your child for a long period can be an emotional challenge which requires an undoubted effort to let go and see your child grow.

Explain the benefits

Boarding education offers a caring academic environment and benefits young learners in many ways. It entails an opportunity to meet new friends and learn communal living. Whatever your reasons are for choosing boarding education, your child needs to understand that it is a decision made in his or her best interests.

Talk about potential challenges

Be it homesickness or settling in, one can anticipate and manage a problem more efficiently if a solution is considered beforehand. This can help to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Manage the distance through communication

While you cannot be there physically, you can manifest your care by keeping in touch through meet-ups and phone or video calls. Your child will understand that support from you is available if needed.