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Construction Progress - 21 December 2021

It is a pleasure to share with you today the latest pictures of our boarding house construction work, and for the first time, the inside of our School building. Only 4 months to go to see the completed work and many changes are visible since our last update, last October.

At the School building, the renovation work of some of the classrooms has already been completed. The student seats will be arranged in a horseshoe-shaped layout to accommodate discussion-based Case Method classes.

At the Boarding House, the top-class architecture is embodied by the impressive nature of the structure, connected in harmony with its environment. The installation of the glass bays which will allow the building to be bathed with light is now complete, as well as the steel frame assembly and floor concreting up to the third floor.

If you are interested in seeing more of the dormitory, you can take a virtual campus tour of it here.

One classroom: blackboard and monitor are placed in the front, complete with whiteboard on the side

Teacher rooms, separated by a glass partition, will allow students and teachers to interact more closely with each other

General view of the International House from the School building

View over the courtyard from the 3rd floor

The steel structures of the bedrooms are visible one left side

Panoramic view of the cafeteria