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When international boarding education comes to Japan

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Boarding schools have had a long history in several parts of the world, and some have established themselves as prestigious institutions with international fame. In comparison, boarding is a rarity in Japan, the concept being relatively unfamiliar for the majority of students and parents. Only a very limited number of schools teaching the Japanese national curriculum offer fully catered accommodation. Meanwhile, there are a number of international schools in the country which use English as the medium of instruction, mainly for students with a foreign background. These are mostly day schools.

Here at NUCB International College, we believing in combining boarding with international education to bring students the best of both worlds. Boarding is more than a type of living arrangements – it is a journey of fostering independence, realising potentials, and building long-lasting friendships with peers. Research by the Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) in the US shows that 95% of boarding school graduates were satisfied with their academic experience. Many indicated that it impacted positively on their university studies and future careers.

Multicultural competence is one of the most sought after skills in a globalised world, and what can be a better way of cultivating this than boarding with a diverse cohort of international students? Through studying and living daily with those who have different perspectives, languages and cultural influences, one gains the ability to construct meaningful collaborations worldwide.

We will be bringing you updates and insights as we embark on the exciting project of founding one of the very few international boarding schools in Japan. Please stay tuned!