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Asaka Naruse

Asaka Naruse


As a representative of the "Hananarikai", a group of people who are familiar with Japanese culture and other performing arts from all over the world, she has been involved in activities to pass on the wonderful traditional culture that has been handed down through the long history and the love of "heart-to-heart" contact between people that is connected to this culture. As a dancer, she has performed at theatres, expositions and festivals in Japan and abroad, expressing the beautiful emotions of Japanese dance that fascinate people. Based on her own experience of living abroad, she is committed to international exchange that transcends race and national borders through the culture and arts of different countries.

<Teaching experience>
- Tea ceremony instructor at Omotesenke
- Japanese archery instructor
- Kimono dressing instructor
- Japanese etiquette instructor

<Overseas experience>
- Studied medicine at the University of Toronto Hospital.
- As a dancer, she has performed in Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan and other countries as a dancer who passes on Japanese culture.

<Special skills>
- Martial arts: kyudo (Ogasawara style), sword dance
- Dance: miko dance, Japanese dance (Fujima school), wazuma, folk dance, etc.
- Japanese music: Japanese drums, shamisen (Kineya style), hachi-uta
- Western music: flute, violin, viola, piano
- Sports: horse riding, motor sports, skiing, marine sports

Research Interests

Japanese Culture

Final Education

Radiology, Fujita Health University