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Megumi Matsui

Megumi Matsui


Ms Megumi Matsui developed her passion for music at a young age. Since the age of 12, Ms Matsui has been playing the euphonium, which is a brass musical instrument belonging to the family of saxhorns. After finishing high school, she entered Iwate University, located in northern Japan, where she majored in Performing the Euphonium and earned her bachelor’s degree along with a Japanese Teacher’s License. She continued on with her education and earned a Master’s degree in Comparative Education at University College London. Her extensive experience includes teaching music in both elementary and junior high schools in Iwate, where she excelled at conducting several School Wind Bands concerts and introducing young students to the beautiful sound of the euphonium and other brass instruments. Currently, she is teaching IB Music at Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School. Apart from music, she has also taught the Japanese language to international children living in Japan.

Research Interests

Music, Comparative Education

Final Education

M.A., University College London