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Morgan Veness

DP Coordinator

Morgan Veness


Morgan Veness holds a Masters of Education, Masters of Fine Arts (Research), Bachelor of Art Education (1st Class Honours) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours). He is registered to teach through the Australian Institute of Teachers and has been actively involved in working across educational sectors within international, private, selective and government schools both in Japan and Australia for the past 20 years. In relation to those roles, Mr Veness has contributed to and overseen the development and implementation of various curricula, assessment and policy requirements. In addition, he holds International Baccalaureate educational expertise as a Diploma Programme Visual Arts examiner, and extended essay writing and CAS core elements of the DP. Prior to his academic and research work, Mr Veness worked for various Fine Arts related institutions including the National Gallery of London and has travelled extensively, living and working in countries as diverse as India, Morocco, Thailand, Myanmar, Spain, U.K. and Japan.

Research Interests

Education, Visual Arts Thinking, IB and the Case Method

Final Education

M.F.A., University of New South Wales