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Neil Shaw

Head of Subject Group

Neil Shaw


Dr. Neil Shaw holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Nankai University, China. He is a trained IB MYP Sciences and IBDP (ESS and Biology) teacher, who has inspired and motivated students from a diverse range of social, cultural and economic backgrounds. His approaches to teaching and learning are grounded in various educational ideologies and theories that help him bring out the best in students regardless of aptitude and attainment level. More importantly, his lessons are engaging and intrinsically motivating, catapulting students’ achievements to new heights of excellence.

As a science teacher, he makes learning relevant by connecting cutting edge research to real-world scenarios. One of his passions has been to apply shape and charge complementarity of molecules to study phenomena such as the replication of DNA or to explain how drugs like antibiotics exert their beneficial effects. Such findings have implications for the development of new and powerful therapeutics for the treatment of infectious diseases and metabolic disorders.

In his free time, Neil enjoys outdoor activities with his family, such as visiting amusement parks and even bungee jumping. As a devoted parent himself, he understands the necessity to help guide children in exploring their talents and, of course, their academic interests. In particular, he wants to empower students with the knowledge and ability to critically analyze data to make informed decisions on the environment and health issues.

Research Interests

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Final Education

Ph.D., Nankai University