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Rie Taki

Rie Taki


Rie Taki graduated from the Japanese Language Education Course of the International Understanding Education Program at the Aichi University of Education and obtained an English teaching certificate. During her studies, she volunteered at Japanese language classes for foreign workers in the local community and at a primary school.

Additionally, Ms Taki successfully passed the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test of the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. She then studied the Korean language at Jinju University of Education in Korea for one year from 2008.

Ms Taki earned her Masters degree specialising in cognitive semantics from the Graduate School of International Languages and Cultures of Nagoya University. Later, she entered the doctoral program at the same university.

Her experience as an educator includes teaching Japanese language, culture and society to foreign students at the Xingzhou Japanese Language School of Heilongjiang University in China, the Honsu School of SUBARU Institute (a school accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education), Pusan National University of Foreign Studies and at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Chubu and Nagoya campuses.

Research Interests

Japanese Language and Culture

Final Education

Ph.D., Nagoya University