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NUCB International College Principal
Dennis Kelly

The concept for the NUCB Intenational College (NIC) was conceived of by the former Chancellor of the parent organisation Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB), Dr Hiroshi Kurimoto. His dream was to establish an international boarding school on the NUCB campus which could offer opportunities for domestic Japanese and international students alike who could cohabit under the one roof, exchange perspectives, study in English, communicate in two languages, build global-mindedness and at the same time graduate in an internationally-renowned high school qualification alongside the Japanese high school diploma. NIC is the fruition of that dream and is truly unique in Japan in its scope and vision.

Studying at NUCB International College (NIC) provides high school students from around the world with a unique opportunity  to study in a progressive academic  programme with top class resources on the picturesque Nagoya University of Commerce and Business  campus in the suburbs  of Nagoya. Students will acquire highly developed thinking and personal skills which will allow them to have multiple career pathway options both in Japan and abroad. They will live and study in an international community with a  wealth of cultures, perspectives and experiences for them to draw from as they hone their qualities as leaders and team players with the capacity to shape the future global society.

Our ambition is for every student to reach her or his potential and to make a contribution to society via our programme. In simple terms, we want student to be the best that they can be individually without fear of competition or failure. We endeavour to ensure that motivation comes from within so that it is constructive and enduring and not driven by competition or comparisons. The programme and overall experience at NIC, puts students on a path to lifelong achievement via the garnering of real skills and connections with quality teachers, professors and colleagues in a caring and collaborative environment.

NUCB International College Principal
Dennis Kelly MA